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“I am the stereotypical “serial dieter”. I am only 23, have always been slightly overweight, and have been on every diet imaginable with little long term success. If I lost 20 pounds, I would hit a plateau and gain 10-15 back. I finally made a choice to make a lifestyle change so that I could have the body I want without driving myself crazy with counting points or calories. I went to another nutritionist before Sima and lost 3 pounds in 3 months! I then was blessed enough to discover Sima. Within the first 3 weeks, I lost more weight than I had in the last 3 months. Her nutrition plan is totally doable, flexible, and fits easily into my lifestyle.

Sima redefined the word “diet” for me. It went from “starvation, cravings, points, calories, misery” to simply “the way I eat”. In addition to her nutritional expertise, Sima is an amazing trainer. She pushes me to the limit and I have seen drastic changes to my body that I have never been able to achieve before. On top of everything, when you work with Sima, she opens her heart to you and she whole-heartedly wants to help you succeed. With her guidance and most importantly, with her support, I have pushed past my plateaus and changed the way I look at food, dieting, and myself.”
-Jenna H., 23 years old, Beverly Hills, CA


Day 1/Day 30

Sima helped Noga to lose 7 pounds of fat, lose belly fat and transform her body in just 4 weeks!

“As a mom to 3 kids, it was never easy for me to find the energy to get in shape, exercise, or even talk about dieting, and time and commitment were also big issues for me. But since I started Sima’s program and began following her amazing food plan I feel amazing and look fabulous! The diet is great and not hard at all; it actually forced me to get organized, which has been a blessing. I must admit the circuits are pretty hard, but it’s worth it, and now I’m 7 pounds lighter, leaner, and stronger than ever before! I could tell after only 4 weeks that my body was changing and starting to look athletic, defined, and leaner. Now I get so many compliments from friends and family! My results speak for themselves.”

Advice for others: Don’t lose sight of your goals! Stay focused and stick to the program.
-Noga K., 36 years old, Sherman Oaks, CA


I was the typical serial dieter. I tried Atkins diet, the Lemonade diet, South Beach diet and even the Cabbage diet. I was jumping from diet pills to exercise programs for years. I felt overwhelmed and exhausted that nothing worked for me.


I want to thank Sima from the bottom of my heart because she changed my life. I struggled with weight problems all my life, especially having 3 kids. Sima transformed my body inside and out. Sima has kicked my butt with her effective circuit routines, along with her detox and nutritional plan. I feel so blessed to have tried Sima’s entire delicious secret menu. I have lost 25 pounds, plenty of inches and have gained lean muscles. I have to say that Sima’s plan WORKS!! She is sweet, fun, and phenomenal to work with. I have a custom tailored plan that has made it easy for me to do. I have a very busy schedule, but I have had no problem finding foods I like, an exercise plan that works, and I feel better than I’ve felt in years!!

-Shira W. 42 years old, Tarzana, CA


Day 1/Day 30

A demanding high security job didn’t stop Meni from getting the body he always dreamed of. In just 30 days, 3D-Xcelerated took Meni’s physique from ordinary to an extraordinary!

“I used to see men with six packs and think, ‘I want that!’ When I tried Sima’s program, I found that I actually worked out less, ate more, and got in better shape in just 30 days! The food plan is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, because it gives you so many different options for each meal – most of which, you would think were totally off limits! It helped me become independent of traditional diets or expensive trainers. If you need a little kick in the butt, you will get it with her workouts, and I am now a believer that anybody can get in superior shape with this program. Plus, the cost of hiring a trainer, a nutritionist, AND a life coach doesn’t even come close to the value you get with this one program!”

Advice for others: if you’ve been thinking about losing weight or getting in shape, you need to stop thinking about it and get started already! Don’t wait another day.
-Meny A., 37 years old, Northridge, CA


Through Sima’s 3D-X, Paula gained not only the motivation to lose the weight, but also the confidence she needed to look and feel like a real princess on her wedding day, and for long after.

“I had just gotten engaged and was so worried that I wouldn’t look good in a wedding dress. Sima’s food and exercise plan really motivated me to feel good enough about myself to take the steps toward getting in shape the right way. Her program contains a food plan that even a picky eater like myself can enjoy. The work out plan is straightforward; everything is 30 minutes and so easy to perform. Sima really cares about weight loss, but more than that, she really cares about your emotional and mental health as well, and you can really feel that in this plan. I lost a total of 50 pounds and four dress sizes… 25 of those pounds were lost just in my first four weeks! And the best part is, I felt so beautiful on my wedding day!”

Advice for others: be patient. Don’t be too hard on yourself. In the end, you’re the only one who can give you what you’re after, so stick with it and be consistent!
-Paula C., 25 years old, Sherman Oaks, CA

Day 1/Day 30

A professional dancer, Kat’s body is her “business card”. When she needed to make changes fast, she was introduced to Sima’s 3D-X. Kat transformed her body from inside out and now she’s not only in the best shape of her life, but happier than ever!

“I am a professional dancer and singer, and there’s a tremendous amount of pressure in this profession to look a certain way. Being bombarded with picture-perfect celebrities adds additional pressure to look ‘perfect’. When I first met Sima, I was completely lost and had so many unrealistic expectations that led to immense frustration and weight gain. Sima’s program completely shifted my thoughts and taught me to set realistic expectations that led to a new me in just 4 short weeks! The plan itself taught me how to eat to stabilize my blood sugar, speed up my metabolism, and kept my cravings to a minimum. I followed the workouts twice a week, and I lost 10 pounds, got a flat tummy, felt more toned, and now fit in my smaller skinny jeans! It is incredibly easy and I’m living proof that this plan really works!”

Advice for others: stop spending money on bogus diets that promise you’ll lose 20 pounds in 20 minutes. Speaking from experience, they might work in the beginning, but soon enough you’ll put the weight right back on. 3DX is the real deal and will give you the power to change your body for life!
-Kat H., 29 years old, Pasadena, CA

Week 1/Week 4

After struggling with weight gain, a calorie counting obsession, and being bombarded with celebrity trends, Elanit discovered Sima’s 3D-X and turned her body and life around!

“I’m 42 years old, and a mom of 4 kids who was recently married to a younger man. I wanted to lose weight to keep up with my new family. Problem is, I love to eat and I hate to diet. I also experience a lot of stress in my job, and the combination of good food, quick but effective workouts, and the 3rd element of ‘Myself’ that comes with the program really helped me to keep my stress at a healthy low. I was initially scared of building muscle, but now that I see my body in the mirror, I am ready for more! Being in shape makes me feel young and alive, and this program did it all for me! Today I’m 15 pounds lighter, more toned, and more defined in my mid section, arms, and legs… and I fit into my size 4 clothes. My pictures speak for themselves. This is so amazing since it happened only in 4 short weeks! If I can do it, you can do it!”

Advice for others: Stop obsessing over carbs and calories like I was doing, arm yourself with the knowledge in Sima’s programs, and start eating the foods you love!
-Elanit A., 42 years old, Calabasas, CA

Six-pack after 10 Day Shred

Amir used Sima’s 10 Day Shred to go from a regular guy to a stud with a six-pack! He followed the secrets and shortcuts, and took his physique to the next level by eating more and exercising less in just 10 days!

“I’m an insurance broker who recently turned 50. I was already in okay shape when I started 10 Day Shred, but I really needed to spice up my routine and I really wanted the six pack. I was attracted to the program by the fact that it only requires me to work out 3 times a week for 30 minutes. I also got a lot out of the nutrition guide and the recipes, because it lets me indulge in hamburgers, pasta, sandwiches, and even dessert! I feel much better than I did in my 30’s… and I look better, too! This is seriously the best shape I’ve ever been in in my entire life.”

Advice for others: get rid of your chemical-laden, fake foods and embrace “real” food! Get to the bottom of what you’re really hungry for, and no matter what, don’t ever quit.
-Amir P., 50 years old, Studio City, CA

After discovering the importance of putting herself and her health first, Odelia lost 7 pounds and 2 dress sizes in just 30 days!

“I am a single mom who runs my own skin care business, so I’m particularly short on time. I found Sima’s 3DX program to be extremely simple and I very easily made it a part of my life. This is not like other diets that ask you to take out an entire food group; it won’t run your life. I thought the best part was the food plan. There are so many delicious choices – I ended up eating more of the food I love, exercising less, and I could cheat whenever I want without feeling guilty. The best part is that in just 30 days I lost 7 pounds and 2 dress sizes! I feel like a new woman!” Advice for others: invest in your health today, and think about how much money you’ll save in medical bills and prescriptions.

-Odelia, 40 years old, Los Angeles, CA

With the help of Sima’s 3D-Xcelerated, Gohar finally got the lean physique she always dreamed of. Now in her late 30’s she feels and looks better than she did in her 20’s!

“As a physician’s assistant, I have always known and appreciated the value of good physical health. Now, as the owner of a mobile beauty service, I also know the value and importance of physical beauty. I had tried other diet programs before, but nothing came even close to Sima’s program. It combines simple mental and physical exercises that will kick your bad habits and kick start your weight loss. Her plan makes it easy for me to combine and balance both health and beauty in one easy to use package. The best part about the program is that it is all right there for you – everything is spelled out and there is no guess work involved. Sima provides the easiest, most efficient and cost effective way to get in shape… period!”

Advice for others: Drink tons of H20! Take pictures along the way, and don’t reward yourself with food. Most importantly, just believe that you can do it.
-Gohar A., 35 years old, Burbank, CA

2010 CNN Hero of the year is Sima’s biggest fan! Sima’s program taught Betty the most important lesson of her life: “You must put yourself first, so you can continue to take care of others!”

“I remember the first lesson Sima gave to me; it was simple: ‘Talk to the problem instead of about the problem.’ She advised me to think of solutions and remember that there is no problem that stays on. As a human rights activist, I have worked all my life and have never stopped to think about what I can do for my health to continue working. I am also someone who sometimes never eats from morning until evening because I am glued to my laptop trying to respond to everyone and everything. Many of you also know me to have a big stomach and some abnormally big features on my body when I used to be the slimmest and shortest girl in the school. I have started Sima’s 3D-Xcelerated program. This means that with the 40 or so more years I might be lucky to live, if no natural or man-made disaster strikes me, I must care for my body. I just want to share with all my friends and supporters the journey I have started to live – a healthy life – and what this means to me as an activist.”

Advice for others: If I can do it, so can you! Believe in yourself and know that you will get there. No one can want it bad enough for you. You have to want it for yourself.
-Betty Makoni, Girl Child Network Worldwide
2010 CNN Hero of the Year

Motivated by Sima and the help of her 3-D Xcelerated, Jacqueline followed the food and HIIT circuit program twice a week and in just 30 days, she not only got her body in top shape, she got her mind in shape, which led to more and more success!

“I was going through a rough patch in my life when I initially started this program. I was trying to conceive a child, and because of that I was experiencing a lot of emotional struggles. I needed focus, training, nutrition, and therapy, and I got it all and more from 3-D Xcelerated! Sima really understands nutrition, the body, and the brain. This program addressed my need for personal stability, proper nutrition, and the right kinds of physical challenges. Now I have my beautiful baby boy, and I’m happier and healthier than ever before, because when it came time to lose the baby weight, I knew exactly what to do: re-apply the same principles from 3-DX!”

Advice for others: Be open and ready to make some huge shifts in your lifestyle. It’s all worth it!
-Jacqueline L., 42 years old, Sherman Oaks, CA

On her 35th birthday, Neilsa decided to change her life and give herself the gift that changed everything.

“I’m a busy CPA and staying active has been a real challenge for me. I spend most of my day in front of a computer, and often have only a vending machine full of chips and candy on hand for last minute meals and snacks. Sima’s 3-D Xcelerated was my solution. It’s simple and provides results, FAST. The workouts are quick, but they’re extremely effective, and I can work all the muscles in my body in about 30 minutes from the comfort of my home. The food plan has so many delicious options and helped me to get organized, so I’m not at the mercy of the dreaded vending machine anymore. I lost 10 pounds in 30 days and have really gained my life back.”

Advice for others:
The scale really doesn’t measure your success. When I give myself and my body the nourishment it needs, it gives me all the success I need!
-Neilsa, 36 years old, Los Angeles, CA

“I was always skeptical of personal trainers, and felt that exercise was something you should be able to do on your own. This year my wife finally convinced me that it was time to take action. I met Sima through a friend, who had been training with her and had nothing but positive things to say. I myself have been training with her now for about 2 months, and I can honestly say, it is the best thing that I may have ever done for my health. Sima customized a nutrition plan for me based on the principles of her 3DX program and it is life changing, since it’s based on the principles of stabilizing your blood sugar and specific food combinations. For the first time in a long time I don’t feel deprived or get headaches, and I actually eat more and have lost more weight! I also have a lot more energy. I have been weight training, which I would never have done on my own before, and it feels great. The best part of working with Sima is that she truly understands that weight loss starts upstairs – in your head, with the words you use and the beliefs you hold – and her program has completely changed the way I view ‘Myself’ and my health. As a busy physician, I find this is the only way to commit to better health and avoid excuses. I highly recommend her approach for anyone that is interested in getting serious, long-lasting results.”

Kamran Kampari, M.D., 49 years old
8797 Beverly Blvd., Ste. 315
Los Angeles, CA 90048

“Working with Sima has been one of the best things I have ever done for my health. Following a serious medical condition in July 2010, I wanted to improve my general fitness and strength, and to lose the excess weight I had carried for most of my life. Fmargiollowing Sima’s initial assessment of my state of health, I began her food and exercise plan that I am still following with ease three months later. I am still working to improve my health, but I can honestly tell you, this program makes it so much simpler.”

Marjan Jacobson, M.A. MFTI, 40 years old

9107 Wilshire Blvd #200
Beverly Hills, Ca 90210



Anna is a single mom of 2 kids and a busy psychologist running a private practice in North Hills, California. Sima’s plan was the missing ingredient in Anna’s life!

“As a psychologist I help others so much in my private practice that I realized how depleted I was and how much I needed the best help I could possibly find – help that combined exercise with nutrition and directed my mind to personal health. That’s when I came across 3-D Xcelerated. First, I made sure this was not a starvation diet and found it was actually a nourishing plan that would allow me to eat 5 times a day instead of the 2 or 3 I was eating and still lose weight. 3-DX surprisingly let me lose weight and calories through sweat in 30 minutes as opposted to having to exercise in a gym for an hour and a half.”

Advice for others: Sima’s program is a perfect combination of 3 elements that everyone needs to apply: Mind, Body, and Soul. I also had the privilege to meet with Sima one-on-one and she is truly a gifted trainer, coach, and nutritionist that inspired and empowered me beyond belief! Don’t wait another minute – try it for yourself!
Anna Levi, Psy., Valley Village, CA

“I’ve been working with Sima for only two months now and I can tell you, I am already seeing and feeling the difference. Sima is a great personal trainer and nutritionist. In addition to being dependable to a fault, she has a bright and inspiring personality, and will make you work hard!!!! If you are looking for a way to get in great shape in record time, I would highly recommend Sima and any of her products!”

Anna Valentin, 48 years old, Los Angeles, CA



Daphne is an attorney at  law for personal injury accidents, work related accidents, and criminal defense matters. 

“I’m a busy attorney and a mom of 3 teenagers, so Sima’s complete wellness Program is exactly what I needed: simple and results oriented! I feel I’ve had a everlasting transformation since I have met Sima and got on her wellness and training program.

Her circuit-training are not only quick and intense, but they got me in the best shape of my life in just a few months. Her nutrition plan is the most delicious diet plan I have been on: I eat 3 meals a day, 2 snacks and even desserts and not only that I lose weight, but I lost body fat and belly fat. I have tons of energy, I don’t feel deprived and the best part is that she taught me how to make peace with food.

Sima has also helped me a lot within with her counseling during each session: she helped me to get to the source of why I gained the weight and what I was really hungry for. I really feel that I am reaching my peek fitness and mental health under Sima’s program, thank you Sima from the bottom of my heart! I can’t wait for her books to come out to the world ~ I’m probably going to buy hundreds of them and give them out to all my friends and family.”
Daphne Pereat, ESQ, Sherman Oaks, CA

“I am a Psychoneurologist and Integrative Healer. Meeting Sima Cohen has been a true blessing and a great addition to my life for the past few weeks. Sima is not only a mentor, trainer, health/wellness coach, and nutritionist; she is also a spiritual being who looks at the whole person way beyond their capabilities. What she does for her clients is out of pure love and with pure intention of supporting them to get to where they have always wanted to in life. She has simple, nutritious and delicious recipes that I call “Pure Love Recipes”. Her intention and purpose in life is to support her clients in any way possible to become healthier and happier beings while enjoying amazingly delicious super foods.

Since I have been under Sima’s care and instructions, I have been having more energy and feeling more amazing every day. I am more toned all over and have much less pain. Her detox plan has made me feel energized and lighter than before. Since I have been having a lot of muscle pain, Sima has been giving me stretches and weight training instructions which she will make a record of so I can have access and be able to practice on my own. This way, I have a great knowledge of what to do even if I am traveling around the world. She makes sure that her clients can become independent and are able to thrive in life without being dependent on her. She is always available to answer her clients’ concerns and questions. Even though she has given me pages and pages of different menus and detox plans, she still is willing to send me more recipes and meal plans to make my weight release easier and faster.

I feel extremely blessed having Sima Cohen in my life and circle of friends. I have been recommending her services to my friends, family and loved ones so they can benefit out of Sima’s expertise and become healthier and happier beings.”
Noushin Talei Nikfarjam, PhD Psychoneurologist. Http://, Brentwood, CA

“I spent nearly ten years gaining and losing 75 pounds, eating the wrong foods, not exercising correctly, and dealing

 with many health issues before I finally lost all the weight and kept it off for good.

“When I met Sima and tried her detox plan this summer, I knew that Sima’s “The One-Minute Body” will save many women from my own past mistakes with food, health, and bad body image. Sima’s food plan is easy-to-follow, tastes good, and satisfying. I was not hungry once! 

Not only that, Sima is a hard worker, a dedicated mom, and has become a great friend. I look forward to learning from and working with Sima for years to come. I only wish I had met Sima five years ago — she would have saved me from years of trial and error and frustration! Thank you, Sima, for sharing The One-Minute Body with the me!”

-Dana Lin, Playa Del Ray, California

Sima is, a once in a life time gift. Having the honor to spend precious time with Sima every week, and witness her exemplify structure, strength & discipline… keeps me on course, to who I want to be! Add to this… Sima’s extensive knowledge of nutrition & exercise, with her passion to help me & my family! I could not feel more lucky & grateful to her… as my coach & friend.

-Abigail Goldberg, President of Perfect Productions, Inc.
Beverly Hills, CA.



When I met Sima, I had just gotten out of a nasty divorce, I was wound up tight and constantly stressed out, depressed, and 35 lbs overweight. Since I began following Sima’s TRANSFORM method, my life and health has changed drastically. After only three workouts, my energy levels skyrocketed, and after 9-10 workouts, my stubborn waistline started to budge and shrink. After 30 short days, under Sima’s guidance, I’ve lost up to 20 lbs of body fat, and gained lean muscle mass all over.

I’m very lucky and thankful that I had the chance to meet and workout with such an angel and professional such as Sima. I recommend her for anyone looking to lose weight the right way, and I look forward to the publishing of her book, which will allow her revolutionary method to be accessible to millions who don’t reside in LA. Sima will be                                                                                                                  coming into your household; buy the book if you wish to transform your life.

    Irene Streck, Full Charge BookkeepIMG_8772er, Encino, CIMG_8474A

About a year ago, I was unhappy with my weight and my body. I  desperately wanted to lose body fat, and get toned. Looking for a trainer every where, I  met Sima– rather serendipitous–, who really helped me get to where I am today and helped me look the way I wanted to. I am super thankful I started training with her,following her TRANSFORM method, because her energy, vivacity, and her passion for the job, really helps her clients get motivated. Working out can be tiring and hard, but with Sima its fun, and afterwards I feel great. I’ve never looked better, thanks to Sima. I look lean, toned, and have lost a lot of body fat. Before I met her, I actually thought I can never look this way. She also suggested to me tips on how to eat and cleanse my body. Sima is a great trainer and I would recommend her to everyone.

Ellea Rubinstein, Stylist, Sherman Oaks, CA

Before I met Sima, I had no motivation to workout, and I ate whatever was quickly available to me. The few times that I would get my butt off of the couch, I would exercise for one day, and then have a long break in between the next workout session. Thanks to Sima, I now am1233426_10201980000121401_117463201_nThe girlsmotivated to exercise. Thanks to her toning workouts, I can work out every muscle in my body in one session, and have the long, lean body that I was not getting from my sporadic gym workouts. And, I don’t feel guilty about what I eat, because she has taught me to love healthy, nutritious food, and not deprive myself, or take out complete food groups that are vital to weight loss. Thank you for everything, Sima!

Emmerson Greene, Freelance Writer, Austin, TX




*Weight loss varies by individual. Results may vary.

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