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healthy eating projects and look forward to                               Sima’s sponsors, and a part of 
partnering with Sima and her wellness brand.”                       Sima’s health and wellness ventures.”
-Wendy Camacho, Marketing Team Leader                               -Ashley Nicole, General Manager


 “Our most important work is to become who we are capable of being, Sima Cohen is a guide through the often- confusing jungles of health and wellness, paving a path beyond mere self-improvement to self- actualization. In following the path we find a fuller experience of ourselves.

~ Marianne Williamson

New York Times best selling author, Internationally acclaimed Author and lecturer, NewsWeekly’s “50” Most influential People, candidate for the U.S House of Representatives from California’s 33rd District.

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Are you completely satisfied with your health, your energy level, your well being? Do you often enjoy doing activities with your children, pets, or family? Do you and your loved ones have the body and stealth health you’ve always dreamed of?

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Sima Cohen





You want results fast. You don’t have time to wait around for a magic pill. Maybe you procrastinated, or maybe you just never knew how to do it.

I created this program based on 20 years of experience getting myself and others into shape FAST for events, figure competitions, last minute photo shoots, and vacations. These are my first-hand tips and secrets that I have never revealed to the public! This complete revolutionary program will help you:

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This revolutionary 30 day program is the culmination of 20 years of my clients’ successes. You’ve been asking me for years to create a total package that will give you the tools to take the thinking out of losing weight fast. 3D-Xcelerated will detox your system, re-adapt your metabolism, regulate your hormones, and transform your body’s natural ability to burn fat. Your long, lean physique is just a click away!

  • No dangerous pills, no risky side effects
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Just real, wholesome food and no-brainer, kick-ass workouts.

Express Home Trainer is a GREEN company. We pride ourselves on being paperless with great respect for our environment and our fellow human beings.

They did it… and so can you!

Thousands of people across the country have lost weight and changed their lives using Sima’s remarkable at-home training products. Read some of their inspiring stories here!

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